(July 28, 1943 – February 15, 1981)

Remembering the great guitarist and musicologist Mike Bloomfield of the Paul Butterfield Blues Band and Electric Flag

   Ideally, as a musician, I would like to be like Ornette Coleman or like Roland Kirk. I would just like to play melody, just endless streams of melody and have it have no name, no compartment. I would just get up there and play endless streams of melody encompassing every sort of tradition that my ears have come upon.”
Guitar Player, August 1971

Sound was his thing. He played the guitar, but he could get any sound in the world through it, and sound was what he was looking for. I think that he was the most advanced. There was no one near him in any way. He had everything: speed, control, and on and on. The cat was the most amazing guitarist I had ever met in my life. I think his work will be studied for years and years.”
Guitar Player, August 1971  (about Jimi Hendrix)

   “Scotty Moore, Elvis’ guitar player. Also Cliff Gallup, who played with Gene Vincent’s Blue Caps. See, when I was 15, I couldn’t really differentiate between rockabilly and blues. It all sort of sounded the same to me. All I knew was that it had a lot of energy. It all had this sort of outlaw quality to it that I was dying to get into any way I could.”
Guitar Player, 1979 (first rock-n-roll influences)

The Paul Butterfield Blues Band at The Newport Folk Festival, July 1965  Photo courtesy of Ed Grazda

Muddy Waters and Mike Bloomfield

The Electric Flag from left are Nick Gravenites, Marcus Doubleday, Mike Bloomfield, Harvey Brooks, Buddy Miles,  Barry Goldberg, Peter Strazza



Janis Joplin – One Good Man Feat. Mike Bloomfield 1969.

San Francisco, 1970


part 3 of 10, available on YouTube
courtesy of the non-profit website:
Michael Bloomfield: An American Guitarist

Mike Bloomfield (July 28, 1943 – February 15, 1981)
“Son” House  (March 21, 1902 – Oct. 19, 1988)
Paul Butterfield (December 17, 1942 – May 4, 1987)


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