Meher Baba, Ahmednagar, India, 1926
in the first year of his 44-year silence
photo courtesy of Meher Baba Trust

Meher Baba in India, 1960s
still not talking but saying a lot
photo courtesy of Meher Baba Trust

 “Remain in a good mood and be cheerful, despite your reeling brain.” 

“Once you open your wings to fly, you must fly straight like the swan. Do not flit from tree to tree like the sparrow, or many things will distract you on the way, and the journey is long.”

 People must give and then receive. First give and then you will have all. But instead, people want to first have all and then think of giving. This is not the right way.”

“Remember that the first step in spirituality is not to speak ill of others. All human beings have weaknesses and faults. Yet they are all God in their being. Until they become Realized, they have their imperfections. Therefore, before trying to find faults in others and speaking ill of them, try to find your own weaknesses and correct those.”

above quotes couretsy of:


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