“Feel like crying, but you know the tears won’t come down”
“Bye Bye Blues”

James Cotton, Johnny Winter, Muddy Waters

bo_diddley_little wlater_muddywatersMuddy Waters, Little Walter, Bo Diddley

“There’s no way in the world I can feel the same blues the way I used to. When I play in Chicago, I’m playing up-to-date, not the blues I was born with. People should hear the pure blues – the blues we used to have when we had no money.”
Muddy Waters

When the Beatles first came to America they told everyone they wanted to see Muddy Waters and Bo Diddley; one reporter asked: ‘Muddy Waters … Where’s that?’ Paul McCartney laughed and said, ‘Don’t you know who your own famous people are here?’


2 thoughts on “McKinley Morganfield aka Muddy Waters (April 4, 1915 – April 30, 1983)

  1. One of the Greats in American music that will live on through the ages.
    The Man who initiated the electric two guitars/bass/drums format, that went on to become a standard in R&R for decades to come ( Beatles, Stones, Yardbirds, The Byrds, to name but a very few).
    I am thankful that my wife and I saw him live and close up in 1981.
    May you rest in peace Mr. Morganfield


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