Happy Birthday, Wavy Gravy (b. May 15, 1936)

I found out from Marc Hale that B.B. King gave that name to him at the Texas International Pop Festival in 1969. Wavy, born Hugh Romney, was also the MC at the original Woodstock Fest.

“What we have in mind is breakfast in bed for 400,000!”

“The whole earth is in jail and we’re plotting this incredible jailbreak.”

“we’re all bozos on the bus,
so might as well sit back
and enjoy the ride.”

“I became a clown when these docs came to the house in Berkeley and asked me to come cheer up kids. I’d just had my third spinal fusion and I was looking for something to take my mind off the pain I was in.”

“Bob Weir calls me a saint, but I’m ‘Saint Misbehavin’.’ They’re making a documentary about my life, and that’s the current shooting title. I can roll with that, but otherwise the s-word makes me really paranoid.”

“Don’t underlook the Sixties; we started eating more vegetables, respecting women, and we shut down Vietnam. We did a lot of good stuff. “

“I was at the 1976 Republican Convention in Kansas City. I was running ‘Nobody for President’ at the time. I printed up these press releases and handed them out to the crowd at the Kemper Arena. ‘Nobody keeps campaign promises.’ ‘Nobody lowers your taxes.’ ‘Nobody should have that much power.’ ‘Nobody is in Washington working for you.'”

Seva benefit concert featuring Jerry Garcia, John Kahn, Mickey Hart, Bob Weir, Ken Kesey, Paul Krassner and Wavy Gravy - Berkeley Community Theater, May 15 1986.:


wavy_allenginsberg Wavy with Allen Ginsbergwavy_woodstockWavy with Graham Nash and David Crosby at Woodstock






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