Bob+Dylan++Johnny+CashBob and Johnny

Art by Scherben

Rolling Thunder Tour, 1975







dylan_harrison99Bob and George

dylanwhen-dylan-played-new-haven-connecticut-on-november-13-the-already-famous-bruce-springsteen-came-backstage-to-say-hi-to-dylanNew Haven, Conn. at Dylan concert when Bruce Springsteen went backstage

dylansonnycherBob with Sonny and Cher

Baez_Dylan2Bob and Joan

bob_parkCan you tell me how to get to Highway 61?


bobdylan_, Forest Hills Tennis Stadium Queens New York 28 August 1965Forest Hills, Tennis Sttadium, Queens, NY, August 28, 1965

bobdylan_pool_danielkramerphotoPhoto by Daniel Kramer


A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night and in between does what he wants to do.”
– Bob Dylan

Excerpted from article in on Bob Dylan:
“First of all, there’s two kinds of thoughts in your mind: there’s good thoughts and evil thoughts. Both come through your mind. Some people are more loaded down with one than another. Nevertheless, they come through. And you have to be able to sort them out, if you want to be a songwriter, if you want to be a song singer. You must get rid of all that baggage. You ought to be able to sort out those thoughts, because they don’t mean anything, they’re just pulling you around, too. It’s important to get rid of them thoughts.”

“Then you can do something from some kind of surveillance of the situation. You have some kind of place where you can see it but it can’t affect you. Where you can bring something to the matter, besides just take, take, take, take, take. As so many situations in life are today. Take, take, take, that’s all that it is. What’s in it for me? That syndrome which started in the Me Decade, whenever that was. We’re still in that. It’s still happening.”


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