Howlin-Wolf-Live1966newportfolkfestNewport Folk Fest, 1966


howlin_Wolf_muddy_waters copia


Hubert Sumlin & Howlin’ Wolf at the Manchester Free Trade Hall, England (1964)

Hubert Sumlin & Howlin’ Wolf
, 1971

“The idea of ‘Spoonful’ was that it doesn’t take a large quantity of anything to be good. If you have a little money when you need it, you’re right there in the right spot, that’ll buy you a whole lot.”

“I couldn’t do no yodelin’, so I turned to howlin’. And it’s done me just fine.”

“Somebody has been cashing checks and they’ve been bouncing back on us, and these people, the poor class of Negroes and the poor class of white people, they’re getting tired of it. And sooner or  later it’s going to bring on a disease on this country, a disease that’s going to spring from midair and it’s going to be bad. It’s like a spirit from some dark valley, something that sprung up from the ocean…Like Lucifer is on the earth. (1968)
thanks for a couple of the photos and “cashing check” quote

Howlin’ Wolf aka Chester Arthur Burnett, born June 20, 1910, West Point, Mississippi


2 thoughts on “Howlin’ Wolf (June 20, 1910 – Jan 10, 1976)

  1. One of a Kind ❤ Howlin' Wolf, the man that rocked the blues… gr8 vids, Never forgotten, Happy Birthday, Chester Burnett ❤ xoxo


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