This is how magic is done. By hurling yourself into the abyss and discovering it’s a feather bed.

I am convinced that if there were no shamanic pipeline, there would be no higher life, as we know it, on this planet.

A woman on the upper east side of New York or in Malibu … has a child. That child will have between eight hundred and a thousand times more negative impact on the environment of the Earth than a child born to a woman in Bangledesh. Where do we preach birth control? Bangledesh.

I can’t preach Scientism cause I don’t believe it. I can’t preach Buddhism cause I can’t understand it. The only thing I can preach is the felt presence of immediate experience which for me came through the psychedelics, which are not drugs but plants.

DMT is a pseudo-neurotransmitter that when ingested and allowed to come to rest in the synapses of the brain, allows one to see sound, so that one can use the voice to produce not musical compositions, but pictoral and visual compositions. This, to my mind, indicates that we’re on the cusp of some kind of evolutionary transition in the language-forming area, so that we are going to go from a language that is heard to a language that is seen, through a shift in interior processing. The language will still be made of sound but it will be processed as the carrier of the visual impression. This is actually being done by shamans in the Amazon. The songs they sing sound as they do in order to look a certain way. They are not musical compositions as we’re used to thinking of them. They are pictoral art that is caused by audio signals.

I’ll try to be around and about. But if I’m not, then you know that I’m behind your eyelids, and I’ll meet you there.
Terence McKenna, Kona, September 1999

excerpted from http://deoxy.org/mckenna.htm



We are going through the eye of the needle; make sure you leave what you don’t need behind.

The real tension is not between matter and spirit, or time and space, the real tension is between information and nonsense.

When cultural values dissolve, what’s there is what James Joyce called Mama Matrix Most Mysterious: nothing more than our bodies and the earth.

The coordination of perception, hope, dream, vision, in the human heart-mind-body interface is the most complex phenomenon in the universe.

Let’s not give our control over to the least among us. Claim your place in the sun and go forward into the light.

We’re not mere spectators, or a cosmic accident, or side show, or Greek chorus to the main event: the human experience is the main event.

The palpable acceleration has many qualities, but the quality that fascinates me most is one I hadn’t predicted: It’s getting funnier.

Become a producer of experiences, not a consumer of them.

Technology has been obscenely in the service of profit. Science, too. What kind of world could we build if they were in the service of art?

No king, no parliament, no government ever extended to the people more rights than the people insisted upon.

Understanding the universe is your responsibility because the only understanding of it that’ll be useful to you is your own.

Plant hallucinogens dissolve habits and hold motivations up to inspection by a wider and more grounded point of view within the individual.

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