“Cutting and pasting is the essence of what hip-hop culture is all about for me. It’s about drawing from what’s around you, and subverting it and decontextualizing it.”

“I always managed to fly a bit below the radar, but high enough to avoid colliding into anything.”

I couldn’t make a real drum’n’bass or dubstep record to save my life. But I can be influenced by them in small ways.

“I would much rather people kick and scream and tear their hair out and accuse me of all kinds of blasphemy, than just have no opinion whatsoever.”

“The instrument that I grew up wanting to play [is] the sampler. And it’s the instrument I took seriously in terms of becoming the best at it, or one of the best. I think, initially in the late ’80s when the technology was made available, the instant reaction to it by the old guard at that time was, ‘Well, [sampling] is just out-and-out theft. It’s stealing.’ And I think I’ve learned to recognize all sides of that discussion. But I think whatEndtroducing….. did for a lot of people was kind of close the book on that discussion and say, OK, this is legitimate. This is a legitimate new way of making music.”

Joshua Paul “Josh” Davis (born June 29, 1972) better known as DJ Shadow is an American music producer, DJ and songwriter. He is considered a prominent figure in the development of instrumental hip hop and first gained notice with the release of his highly acclaimed debut album Endtroducing….., which was the first album to be recorded using only sampled sounds.[3] He has an exceptionally large personal record collection, with over 60,000 records.


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