1967_Mamas_and_PapasThe Mamas & the Papas, 1967

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Image may contain: 1 person

Everything I’ve learned in life I’ve learned either by doing it or watching the changes other people go through.

I’ve heard that story about kids are high naturally, but I’ve seen kids that aren’t high, kids who’ve had the high taken out of them.

I’ve always been so apathetic. I figured okay, maybe the world is going to fall down around me. Now I feel… maybe that’s motherhood, too. I want to make a better world, I want to make sure she has some place to walk around.

So many people in show business go into politics, and I used to say ‘What the heck do they know about it?’ But when you travel around, you really do get to feel the pulse of the country and what people want. I’m concerned and it’s not good to be unconcerned and just sit there.”

“She was the unsung hero who was quite willing to stand back and pull the strings — and though everyone thinks someone else had done it. It was like the Wizard of Oz you know… she’s back there behind the curtains: “Ignore that woman behind the curtain”…
Bandmate Denny Doherty

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