A drummer like Tony comes around only once in 30 years.
 Miles Davis


"Drums are meant to be loud. It's like telling a piccolo player, 'don't play high,' or telling a trumpet player, 'don't be so brassy,' or telling a bass player, 'don't play low.' Volume, physicality, and aggressiveness are part of what drumming is about."

Tony Williams began playing with Miles Davis at the age of 17.
He began playing professionally at the age of 13 with saxophonist Sam Rivers.

"I study all the time,” Williams said. “It’s like being a doctor in a way. In music, you have to always keep learning, and I like learning. Right now, I am just trying to write as well as I can. I would like to be as good a composer as I think I am a drummer. I’d like to get it up to the same level as my playing. The people I like are mostly classical composers – Stravinski, Shostakovich, Bartok, Edward Algar, Aaron Copeland and a lot of nineteenth-century composers like Chopin and Grieg.”

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