“I’m very grateful that I was too poor to get to art school until I was 21… I was old enough when I got there to know how to get something out of it.”

“Art is not to do with the practical side of making a living. It’s to live a fuller human life.”

“There’s no retirement for an artist, it’s your way of living so there’s no end to it.”

“If I set out to sculpt a standing man and it becomes a lying woman, I know I am making art.”

“Between beauty of expression and power of expression there is a difference of function. The first aims at pleasing the senses, the second has a spiritual vitality which for me is more moving and goes deeper than the senses.”

“If an artist tries consciously to do something to others, it is to stretch their eyes, their thoughts, to something they would not see or feel if the artist had not done it. To do this, he has to stretch his own first.”

“I sometimes begin a drawing with no preconceived problem to solve, with only the desire to use pencil on paper… but as my eye takes in what is so produced, a point arrives where some idea crystallizes, and then a control and ordering begins to take place. “

To know one thing, you must know the opposite.
Henry Moore





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