In our culture we have such respect for musical instruments, they are like part of God.

I will keep playing as long as my body lets me, and as long as I’m wanted by my listeners. Because music is the only thing that keeps me going.

I started out as a dancer, but gradually became more interested in music.

In the olden days, I believe Mozart also improvised on piano, but somehow in the last 200 years, the whole training of Western classical music – they don’t read between the lines, they just read the lines.

I have great difficulty sitting in the middle of the night and writing. Everything I do comes spontaneous. Sometimes it takes a long time; sometimes it comes just like that.
Ravi Shankar

My dear friend, Peter Davis Lavezzoli, with Ravi and Sukanya Shankar, Delhi
Ravi Shankar wrote the foreword to Pete’s book, “The Dawn of Indian Music in the West.”

George Harrison and Ravi Shankar

dawnofThe Dawn of Indian Music in the West
by Peter Lavezzoli


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