“Every so often, a painter has to destroy painting. Cezanne did it, Picasso did it with Cubism. Then Pollock did it. He busted our idea of a picture all to hell. Then there could be new paintings again.”


“If you’re an artist, the problem is to make a picture work whether you are happy or not.”

portrait of Willem de Kooning
Portrait by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

“I had my own eyes, but I wasn’t always looking in the right direction. I was certainly in need of a helping hand at times. Now I feel like Manet who said, “Yes, I am influenced by everybody. But every time I put my hands in my pockets I find someone else’s fingers there.”


“I make pictures and someone comes in and calls it art.”

“What you do when you paint, you take a brush full of paint, get paint on the picture, and you have faith.”

de Kooning in his studio. Wow! Scale! Love a large space

Willem de Kooning by Thomas Hoepker

Willem de KooningSeated Woman


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