When they stop imitating me then I’ll start wondering where I’m going wrong. Every day when I sit down to play, I learn something new.

I always play what I feel. I always feel like me, but I’m a different me every day. I get ideas from everything. A big color, the sound of water and wind, or a flash of something cool. Playing is like life. Either you feel it or you don’t.
Erroll Garner and Pearl Bailey

George Wein, Duke Ellington, and Erroll Garner


Johnny Mathis and Erroll Garner, probably working on “Misty”

“There exists in Erroll Garner’s playing an emotional infectiousness from which no one with the slightest affinity for music is immune…. Listen to any Erroll Garner recording and you realize, above all else, this man loved to play piano. If you were lucky enough to see him, you also know he loved to share that joy with his audience.”
Paul Conley, who wrote and produced a show about Garner for National Public Radio (NPR)


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