I came to live out loud.

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Emile Zola, French novelist, playwright, and journalist,was a major figure in the political liberalization of France and in the exoneration of the falsely accused and convicted army officer Alfred Dreyfus, which is encapsulated in the renowned newspaper headline J’accuse. Zola was nominated for the first and second Nobel Prize in Literature in 1901 and 1902. His death from carbon monoxide poisoning may have been a murder. (Wikipedia)

The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work.

There are two men inside the artist, the poet and the craftsman. One is born a poet. One becomes a craftsman.

The fate of animals is of greater importance to me than the fear of appearing ridiculous; it is indissolubly connected with the fate of men.

The truth is on the march and nothing will stop it.

Perfection is such a nuisance that I often regret having cured myself of using tobacco.

If I cannot overwhelm with my quality, I will overwhelm with my quantity.

Emile Zola

Image result for emile zola images


Paul Alexis Reading a Manuscript to Emile Zola
Painting by Paul Cezanne


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