Image result for kenneth nolandKenneth Noland at Black Mountain College
© Black Mountain College Research Project.
North Carolina Museum of Art

“There are two things that go on in art. There’s getting to the essential material and a design that’s inherent in the use of material, and also an essential level of expressiveness, a precise way of saying something rather than a complicated way.”

“We tend to discount a lot of meaning that goes on in life that’s non-verbal. Color can convey a total range of mood and expression, of one’s experience in life, without having to give it descriptive or literary qualities.”

“I knew what a circle could do. Both eyes focus on it. It stamps itself out, like a dot. This, in turn, causes one’s vision to spread, as in a mandala in Tantric art.”

“Artists are mechanics who work with their hands, making things. One of my grandfathers was a blacksmith, and all the plumbers and carpenters and electricians, people who did things with their hands, thought of themselves as artists because they were good at doing things. They were proud of their making things.”

“You see things out of the corner of your mind or the corner of your eye that affect you just as strongly as things that you focus on, if not more so.” “

When you look at a great painting it’s like a conversation. It has questions for you. It raises questions in you.. .Being an artist is about discovering things after you’ve done them. Like Cézanne – after twenty years of that mountain [Mont St. Victoire] he found out what he was doing. If it isn’t a process of discovery, it shows. I’m in it for the long haul.”

Image result for kenneth noland

Image result for kenneth nolandKenneth Noland with some of his artworks at his studio, in a photograph taken in the 1960s.
Credit Fred W. McDarrah/Getty Images

Image result for kenneth noland heat
Kenneth Noland – ‘Lunar Episode’ (1958) |

Image result for kenneth noland heat


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