“Yes, I dream of a better world. Should I rather dream of a
worse one?”

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 Otto Peine, Director Emeritus of
the Visual Arts Center at MIT

Otto Piene was a German artist specializing in kinetic and technology-based art. He lived and worked in Düsseldorf; Cambridge, Massachusetts; and Groton, Massachusetts.

From 1968 to 1971, he was the first Fellow of the MIT Center for Advanced Visual Studies (CAVS), founded by Gyorgy Kepes. In 1972, he became a Professor of Environmental Art at MIT. In 1974, he succeeded Kepes as director of the CAVS, in which position he served until September 1, 1993. Since 1994, Piene has been a Director emeritus at MIT.
Parallel to his MIT duties, Piene was co-director with Mel Alexanderberg of LightsOROT:
Spiritual Dimensions of the Electronic Age, at the Yeshiva University Museum in New York.

 Big thank you to Todd Siler, friend and author of Think Like a Genius, and former student of Otto Piene at the Visual Arts Center – Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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A leading figure in kinetic and technology-based art, Piene employs the use of light and the surrounding environment in his Light Ballet and Fire Paintings, and demonstrates the connection between art, nature, and science.

Otto Piene, The Proliferation of the Sun, 2014. Installation view Neue Nationalgalerie Berlin. Photo: David von Becker.

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“More Sky” at The Nationalgalerie


Image result for otto peine images
Otto Piene: Light Ballet and Fire Paintings, 1960-1967
Sperone Westwater Gallery, New York, NY

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