"Several decades ago I embarked on an adventure in aesthetics and creative inquiry, in which I integrated the arts and sciences with this expressed purpose: To explore the nature and work of A.R.T., or All Representations of Thought. Essentially, that encompasses everything our minds have produced in the History of Ideas, Inventions & Innovations. All this material can be used as “art works” that enhance our understanding of the world. It can also be creatively and wisely applied in inventing our collective future."
Todd Siler


”Genius is everywhere, everyday, in everyone, in everyway imaginable!“
 Todd Siler, friend, and author of Think Like a Genius.

toddsplitsecond2xSplit Second (2011)

Radical Futures (1993)

Metaphorms: Forms of Metaphor (1988)

todd_imag4Thought Assemblies (1983)

* “ArtScience” and “Think Like a Genius” are registered trademarks of Todd Siler. All rights reserved.
Copyright © 2015 Todd Siler


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